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Water is the best friend of the skin

Domestic and foreign cosmetic industry produces a lot of lotions, mousses, scrubs, peels, toners, creams, etc. They are designed to cleanse the skin, are made on the basis of alcohol, he substitutes, extracts or other components, and most manufacturers recommend starting with a cleansing milk , lotion, tonic, scrub, etc. But Valentine Shestov preference... clean water, and only then - milk and much more.

Water - the best friend of the skin. She - a therapeutic factor, providing a reflex action on the skin: its tone, excretion of fat, elasticity, anti-pathogenic factors, diet. Do not be afraid of water. It does not increase the dryness of the skin, will not give irritation, redness or paleness. Water is needed every skin: oily, dry, thin, wrinkled, child. Turgor and elasticity of the skin is completely dependent on the presence of water in it. But it is necessary to know how not to harm your skin to use it.

Keep in mind that if you constantly wash in cold water (12-16 degrees), develops pallor, dryness, wrinkling, sagging skin. Hot water (45-50 degrees) causes scaling, dilation of blood vessels. Appears on the face mesh of the blood vessels, which give the skin a reddish-bluish color, especially in the cold. Therefore it is necessary to wash with water at room temperature. Beneficial effects on blood flow contrast washing the face, but this "tactic" is more suitable for thick, oily skin.

Washing up, type in the palm of the water, dip it in the face, hold it. And so - several times. You feel that the skin is a different, more elastic and supple. Do not wipe it, and gently pat with a soft towel. Do not give up on water, replacing it with tonics and lotions, even when your skin is sensitive to any stimuli. In such cases, proceed as follows: to lubricate the skin wash any vegetable oil, and a few minutes, wash with water. You do not need to accustom themselves to the boiling water, softened with soda, borax, glycerin settling. The skin should be adapted to the natural environment, there will be no disruptions in her work.

Cleansing action of water increases with the use of soap. For skin care to choose high-quality varieties that contain lanolin, oils, creams, giving a soft soap. It is better to use soap and white varieties, with no dyes.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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