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With the advent of Christianity in the East Slavic lands were to perform the rite of Blessing of the Waters: ie "invocation of God's blessing on the water."

Throughout the year, the rite was performed repeatedly Blessing of the Waters: January 7th, the day of the Cathedral of John the Baptist (the people that day were called "early baptism"), cutting off the day (Wednesday in the third week after Easter), the Saturday before Easter, August 14, at first, Honey and Spas.

But the most important day of the consecration of the water - January 19 - Epiphany or Theophany. Consecrated on this day the water, called a saint, a Jordanian, Epiphany, Epiphany, was considered the most "healthy", the healing that can protect against disease.

It is believed that the feast of the Epiphany water is consecrated not only in churches but also in rivers, springs, lakes, and wells.

Epiphany water stored for a year and used for medicinal purposes. This is the phenomenon of water, taken January 18-19, does not deteriorate for several years, not precipitated.

Considered miraculous water, taken in the so-called "special" days of the year: in the morning on Christmas - the Christmas (from "Christmas Eve") - January 7, Candlemas (sretenskaya) - February 15th, on Maundy Thursday (Chetvergova) - Thursday before Easter, Ivan Kupala (Ivanovo) - July 7. Especially appreciated the water taken in a day early in the morning at dawn. Those who came to fetch water first became the owner of the most healing - "so abundant" water.

The greatest sin is to defile the water daily Blessing of the Waters: wash, wash, do the dirty work directly related to the water. In order not to violate this prohibition, water for domestic, household purposes stocked for the future in advance.

Considered miraculous water, taken in the commission of a specific ritual: the rest after cooking eggs for Easter, and after washing the church bell, icons, and a bread bowl, "the night under. Stars" on certain days of the year, spilled through a sieve, recruited from three (seven, nine, twelve) pits, where three streams converge.

It was believed that the miraculous power of water "amplified" objects dropped into the water (such as coins, corn, cross), and the words (prayers, incantations), spoken over the water.

Healing was considered as melt water (melted snow) and dew made on certain days of the year in the commission of a special ritual actions. Everywhere we know about the wonders that are "committed" Yurevskaya mildew, curing infertility, and skin diseases.

In order for a year to be healthy, vigorous, early in the morning on Christmas and Easter should wash with holy water.

Pregnant women poured water taken from the brook, to give them the milk came out "like water".

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