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The procedures are very effective in a variety of diseases.

For example, in rheumatism, gout, and obesity is very well take a bath from the leaves and roots of the black elderberry. Dry leaves and crushed roots pour boiling water (30 g per 1L), insist 2 hours, filtered, added to the bath, which is taken at a temperature of 36-37 degrees before going to bed. The treatment course - 10-12 procedures.

From diseases of the urinary bladder and gout will help Bath from the roots and leaves of cloudberry squat (they poured boiling water and boil on low heat for 20 minutes., Filter). The number of recommended procedures - 14-18.

Bath from the roots of celandine (their ground, fill with cold water, insist 2 hours, boil for 20 minutes, strain) is useful to take on the night of 8-12 days in a row with pustular skin lesions and wounds, eczema, furunculosis.

But the bath of chicory roots of the ordinary (they are ground, filled with water - 50 g per 1 liter - insist 2:00, boiled for 20 min., Filter) can be taken any time of day (14-18 procedures) for diathesis and allergies. They are good and "the role of" ordinary hygienic baths.

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