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Compress on the back works very well for back pain, spine, osteochondrosis, congestion, fever heat. A large piece of coarse cloth folded several times in length, dipped in cold water, squeeze. Stela on the bed blanket and oilcloth fabric soaked in water. She laid on the patient so that the entire back covered with a compress along the spine. The patient wraps on both sides of the blanket, cover the top so as not to penetrate the air. Compress hold 45 minutes, and with more prolonged use of cloth moistened again, as it is effective cold compress.

Compress on the body is effective in the cluster gas in the stomach and intestines. Dipped in cold water (in winter - warm) folded several times a large piece of coarse cloth, wring out and put the patient on the body so close to the throat, chest and abdomen. At the same time to hang the fabric on both sides of the body. On top of a patient harboring an oilcloth, a woolen blanket or quilt, and the throat of an additional wrap a warm scarf to avoid colds.

Remove the wrap after 45-60 minutes.

Compress on the abdomen is useful in burdening the stomach, colic, etc. The patient is placed in the bed and applied to the lower abdomen (below the stomach), soaked and squeezed, folded 4-6 times a linen or cotton cloth, put the oilcloth, and then a good harbor wool blanket or quilt. Duration of the procedure - from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

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