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Nadezhda Romanova, a year ago, shy of his hands, as their "graced" nasty warts - no ring wear, no manicures done. Hair was brittle and dull, even though she enjoyed the expensive shampoos. Generally, the skin of her childhood problematic. Atopic eczema and the beauty and joy are not added.

All that changed after her aunt convinced her to use flint water. Now she had her own cooking, drinking, washes it, rinse your hair. After three months of flint water it went all the warts!

Gradually the hair has become thick, beautiful, and the skin condition has improved. She became more confident and complex as before. Grateful to my aunt and flint water.

In addition, flint useful for prevention of influenza. To do so:
- Daily after meal drink a quarter cup of water-activated silicon;
- After coming off the street instilled into each nostril with 10 drops of water-activated silicon adults and 5-7 drops - the children, and rinse your mouth with a gulp of water-activated silica, and then spit out the water. And so it 2-3.

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