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The internal energy of melt water has a positive effect on metabolic processes. Parahydrogen has the ability to penetrate through the membrane (skin) of skin cells and rejuvenate the body.

Today, drinking water is usually heavily contaminated with pesticides. In addition, it contains a "heavy water" composed of deuterium (in 1 liter of water about 150 mg of deuterium), which has harmful effects on the body. By the way, "heavy water" freezes first. And entering into the drinking water soluble salts, organic compounds, pesticides constitute "brine," which freezes at lower temperatures (-7 C) than the rest, the useful part of the water. Thus, the freezing of water necessary to divide the deuterium ice "heavy water" fresh ice, and "pickle".

For the preparation of melt water using a slow way to freeze by the following procedure. In the container is filled with tap drinking water but not the top, cover with a piece of cardboard, put it in the freezer to the lining of cardboard (for insulation of the bottom of the vessel, where the "brine"). The first freeze "heavy water" in the form of thin plates fishnet deuterium ice 1-2 mm thick on the walls of the vessel. To remove the deuterium ice, simply pour the water into another container, and again put in the freezer. When about half frozen water in the vessel, as part of nedomerzshuyu should be poured: this is the "pickle" with its noxious substances. Next, clean clear fresh ice melts and the melt water are salt-free, consisting of parahydrogen and suitable for use as drinking water, water treatment, as well as for cooking, tea, stewed fruit, extracts from medicinal plants, etc. In order to improve its palatability can be on the 10 liters of melt water, add 1 g of common salt and 50 ml of mineral water - 1 liter of meltwater.

In the preparation of melt water in the refrigerator freezer to make sure that does not come complete freezing of water in the tank. In winter, frozen water can be outdoors (balcony) to the above method.

Melt water is used not only for internal use, but also externally to prevent fading and sagging skin.

To restore the loss of trace elements that play an important role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, to melt water added cooking salt that contains almost all minerals, and oily skin - and even 9% hydrated apple cider vinegar, which dissolves the fatty base and contributes to a better penetration of parahydrogen with trace elements in skin cells.

See also the process for the application of melt water.

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