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Alexander Sharapa in youth is suffering from toothache, was a frequent visitor to the dentist. Moreover, the treated teeth are not wanted, and removed them as boring a splinter. And somehow in line all to the same dentist, a stranger gave him this advice.

It turns out that the teeth (or rather the mouth) should be rinsed with water after every meal so that the water held between the teeth. If they are very tight, "sit", or if you eat meat, in addition, we must also work with a toothpick. Do not let the temperature drops in the mouth during the transition from eating to rinse: if the soup or tea was hot, allow to cool your teeth, use for processing only warm water.

For 35 years he has just finished a meal of this procedure. Argues that dramatically different from its 70-year peers, they have 2-3 plates "eaten", and he - with his "native" teeth. None, only those that deleted the "inexperience" in his youth.

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