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Nature itself for us to come up with a lot of useful recipes for better health. In the summer morning, pour in 3-liter jar of water and put it in the sun, after closing the lid. In the evening you will be ready elixir of pure water and solar energy. (Term of preparation of the elixir 8-10 hours). This "charged" the sun the water you can drink, cook her food and drinks. Water holds the elixir for 5 days, if you keep it in a cool place.

If you "prepare" the elixir of not one, but several banks, you can use it as follows. Before bed, take a shower or light bath, wipe the body dry, and then Pour a sunny elixir. The body is no longer wipe and let it dry. You see, as in 7-10 days significantly improve your health, balanced mental state, you will be energized, and the disease will begin to recede.

It is useful to use the elixir for cleaning teeth and rinsing the mouth, throat, eye wash. If the water will seem cold, it can be warm, but not to bring to a boil.

Those who suffer from peripheral vascular disease, do well on the night of the wrap with water. Systematically performing the above procedure for 3-4 months, you will receive stock of health and strength until next summer.

To prepare the elixir can draw water from the tap, but it is better - a key or well. And do not be embarrassed if the day turned out to be suddenly overcast, the sun does its job in any weather. The main thing - do not be lazy and put the water!

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