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Spring of the Mother of God Healthcare

This spring is located in the Mogilev-Minsk highway about 60 km from Mogilev, near the village of Korytnica, close to the landscaped parking lot. If you walk 500 meters from the highway into the woods, you can see a small but deep forest lake, and in front of him - the holy spring, which is installed on the Orthodox cross, and on it - the icon of Our Lady of Healthcare with a baby in her arms.

It is believed that this spring helps the needy in treating any disease, and quenches the travelers in hot weather. Thanks to foresters this place has to rest. Here are installed gazebos and benches with tables. Feast for the eyes and artfully made a fence of twigs and wooden track Kruglyakov. But most importantly - the purity and taste of water from this spring. He was often visited by local residents, I would like to these oases were as much as possible near the road where people could relax, breathe the fresh forest air, drink the holy spring water treatment and go on the road with joy in my heart. Thanks to Alexander Timahovichu of this description.

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