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Silver in the role of the healer

Silver has no drugs, no equal in the treatment of burns. Also, it is a healing tool for gastrointestinal diseases, and cholecystitis.

In practice, it is proved that silver water obtained by electrolysis and extended to liquid foods (starch solution, milk, fruit juices, etc.) at a dose of 6-8 mg/l, increasing their retention.

For the preparation of the silver heat the water on the fire silver, place it in an opaque container with water and let it brew.

Nikolai Sutyagin bought at the store three rings of silver, and boiling water down back of the ring, insists night in a dark place. Drank 0.5 glasses 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal. With silver water for three days, he got rid of the flu.

Inhabitant of Ioannina Gypsy enjoys ionatorom prefabrication. Cured niece of sinusitis and cysts in the cavity - has added a silver in the water, apple cider vinegar and honey, moistened wipes, and this composition for 5 consecutive days did lotions on the maxillary sinus. The next 5 days soaked with water and clay silver clay made an application to the nose and sinuses.

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