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With the arrival of summer comes time to leave. Many of the rest going to the sea. Once Galina Mikhailova with his daughter, five ventured on such a trip. It wiped out chronic sinusitis and persistent otitis. At the temperature of daughter with SARS rose to 40.2 degrees. In kindergarten she went about 2-3 weeks a year, the rest of the sick. Adenoids removed, but it hardly helped. Doctors advised to go to sea, but with such a state of health was scared to go anywhere on your own villa.

Still, she decided. Chose the Odessa region. Even the house stocked with a rubber bulb for 100 ml to irrigate the nose healing sea water. She took the glass and the pharmacy with a spray bottle, which could also be useful.

Everyone knows that the sea air is very useful and has a positive effect on the body, weakened by frequent colds. Useful just to breathe it, regardless of the weather, and preferably within 100 m of water.

The water in the sea at the time was cold. Very few people bathed. But Galina to hardening regularly included in the water and dipped. About 10-15 times a day. For her daughter a little warmed sea water in the sun, and then doused her with neck and shoulder about 7 times a day. Irrigation of the nose with a rubber bulb were not too pleasant. The daughter tearfully protested against such a procedure. Here is a glass bottle with a spray went perfectly. Gained in a sea water (away from the coast) and watered her nose every 30 minutes. In addition, a Galina gargle salt water 1-2 times a day.

I tried to use all possible methods of recovery. At sea, they had 11 days.

When he left, took a bit of sea water with you. House has used it for three months on a case by case basis.

It has been almost a year. During this time, Galina never had any ear infections or sinusitis. Throat inflamed over the winter only a couple of times. The daughter goes to kindergarten. He feels fine. Galina could not believe in the miraculous deliverance from colds. After all, before she was helped by sinusitis sinuforte only, and it is very expensive. And had to buy it several times.

The sea and the sea breeze saved them from colds.

Miracle Water 2012