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Many scientists have long examined the phenomenon of water as the most common and most obscure of the liquid on Earth. In particular, the Russian scientists led by Doctor of biological sciences, head of the Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of Russia Stanislav Zenin found out that water is able to perceive the information from the environment in the form of electromagnetic waves, and "remember" it. The water molecules at the same time rebuilt, changing its geometry.

Improbable research results confirm that the words, music and even thoughts influenced the structure of water molecules, gave a Japanese scientist, PhD on alternative medicine Massari Emoto. He has demonstrated changes in the properties of water at various influences of the environment. The experiment consisted of the following: a piece of paper with various words of a positive nature, was applied to the vessel with distilled water. After a while the water was frozen and examined under an electron microscope. As a result, the frozen crystals took the form of a beautiful snowflake. When the sign changed to negative, dramatically changed the structure of water: it turned into a terrible chaos.

These studies have led me to believe that the source image, which we did, too, could affect the structure of ordinary water. And it may work better than the "original".

I decided to test his hypothesis and conducted several experiments. The results were striking: the water is completely rebuilt. I even taste it. Moreover, the water changed under the influence of photography, getting on the parameters identical to the pattern which I had brought with him from the expedition.

Almost two years I have traveled in the most remote corners of Russia on a variety of sources. Who can not remember exactly how much I was able to overtake them. But as it turned out, the forces were well spent. The theory is fully confirmed: images of individual springs, especially those that are popularly called "saints", changed the structure of ordinary water, "charging" it with his healing powers. And what's interesting: the effect of giving each photo according to the properties of the original. That is, if the source is known for healing properties against heart disease, or joints, and then the beloved water, "real" in the photo this spring, helped it to do so. How can this be?

Soon, the answer was found. Moreover, it turns out that a related phenomenon has been studied by Russian scientists in 1978. In the process of research has been done many amazing discoveries. And also that every picture, except for the visible image also contains an image and spin. Image rotation, which goes far beyond the borders of the photograph. In short, I have made photographs of the biologically active sites were recorded on the water its properties, giving it healing powers. And neither time nor distance could not stop it.

Especially strong in quality water could be obtained, when I had the same capacity a few shots of different sources, including a snapshot of a "living spring". In this case, the water had the force of all these sources. She was not only universal, but also had the strongest medicinal properties.

What are the known thermal springs?

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