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Scented bath

In the struggle with stress will help you a variety of means. Not least among these are ordinary water and... odors.

A relaxing bath

Bath with Dead Sea salts relieves stress caused by constant headaches and insomnia.

1 kg of salt dissolved in very hot water and then dilute with cold, the temperature was no more than 38-39 degrees. Soak in water for 20 minutes, thinking only of pleasant. After that, take a shower. Choose a salt with a high content of bromine, which is good for the nervous system.

Soothing baths with herbs

Help with stress and strong nervous tension. First prepare the infusion (50 g of marigold flowers, mint and oregano fill 3 liters of boiling water). Strain and pour into a warm bath. Lying in the bath, thinking only about nice things for you. According to specialists, 5-7 baths of great relieve neurosis and increase the tone of the body. A similar effect has a bath, which was added 3-5 g of pine oil.

Inspirational souls

The exercises in the shower - good morning exercise for a grouch. Stand under the shower and send it to the top. On the inhale bend forward. The neck and arms relaxed. Take a deep squat and exhale. Inhale and stand up. Aim the water jet on the thigh, slightly bend your knees. Bend your back as you exhale, bending his head forward. On the inhale, lift your head and rotted back ago. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

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