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Some rules for water treatment

All water treatment is best done on an empty stomach than after a meal. In some cases, it is easy to eat.

You should never use the "services" of water treatment, if you feel the chill. After water applications you need to experience increased blood circulation and body temperature normal.

Wash should be mostly warm water. Only need to wash your hair with warm water, it protects the blood vessels of the head.

Bathing in hot water dissolves the unnecessary and harmful deposits, the remains of metabolic products, it is useful in diseases of the skin, joints, tremor and paralysis.

Bathing in the hot and warm water, if there are no specific indications, finish pouring the cold, but warms up after the procedure required of the foot.

Those who are prone to nasa and pulmonary bleeding, and anemia to spasm, especially during an exacerbation, it is necessary to take care of contrasting water treatments. However, be aware that these abnormalities can be normalized by these procedures, but gradual, very brief and not sharp.

Taking baths, baths, showers can prevent overheating of the body. To do this, follow the breath, if the left nostril breathing is easier, it is - a signal of SOS. To prevent overheating, it is recommended to wet the back of the head and foot of both legs with cold water.

During very cold treatments should not be allowed to body hypothermia, winter swimming can be dangerous (the use of ice water). Especially careful you have to be people with problems of the circulatory system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Frequent bathing - not for the good of the body, because it clogged the pores and the skin is weakened activity (respiration, exchange, etc.). You can take one bath a week, and on other days - a shower, pouring, wiping, or other water treatments and massage the skin with your hands or a special brush.

Unless otherwise stated, after the water treatment is better not rub the towel and give the body dry.

Outdoor water treatments provide cosmetic, hygienic, and therapeutic effect of tempering. In addition, they help to "flush" with the human body negative "memory" - "dark energy", "pathological evil", etc., and all bright and clear - remained.

Short lightning pouring cold water is used to reduce high body temperature. But remember, baths and other heavy water treatments should not be taken at a body temperature above 38 degrees.

Not only the bath, but also alternating douche can strengthen the body.

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