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It is recommended to walk barefoot on wet ground or snow. Can this procedure to replace the home version - going to the bathroom in cold water. Start walking with 1 minute, gradually increasing the duration, each day increasing the level of water in the bathroom. Feeling the Heat in the feet, get out of the bathroom. Not wiping the feet, wear warm woolen socks, or go into a warm bed. The procedure is carried out 2 weeks. If you walk barefoot outdoors, dress warmly. It is also recommended every day for 5-7 times to wash the nose, each nostril alternately pulling a cold infusion of horsetail (1 teaspoon horsetail pour 1 tbsp. Boiling water, 5 min., Cool). Such an infusion of horsetail literally "attacking" the adenoids and how to gradually "dissolve" them. Breathe through your nose for a month recovering.

Coming home from the street gargle with plain water. You can add a soothing herbal infusions - motherwort, valerian (in weak concentrations). Helps to relieve allergic reactions and common shower three times a day.

- In the absence of pharmacy can be drawn into the nose, a mixture of boric acid, salt and baking soda and rinse with this solution throat.
- In folk medicine is sometimes used hot water (3 parts), diluted with purified kerosene (1 part). Kerosene previously filtered through blotting paper and wool. The resulting solution should be horoshenechko Shake, and then rinse their throats in the morning and evening.

In the morning and at night to wash his stomach and genitals of a jet of cold water.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness
Keep your eyes on the hot compresses. Keep them for 2 minutes. Then, for 1 minute attach a cold compress. Just 3 minutes a day, and the effect guaranteed!

Pay special attention insomnia.

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