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The healing properties of the photos of live springs

Reserve "Galechya Mountain" - one of the wonderful places in Russia, where the flora and fauna retain their original appearance since prehistoric times. It is here that the expedition of our research center was once found a wonderful source of living. His picture is the source of the mysterious healing power. She is attracted to the patient area of the body like a magnet. Thousands of people have already felt the beneficial effects of this unusual picture. In the address of the stream of letters does not stop you and ask for healing this photo. Many thanks for her help in the treatment of various ailments. Here are just a few of the letters.

It helped to picture the source of pai in the joints. After applying the aches disappeared. The joints have ceased to bother even during periods of magnetic storms.
Yuri Ivanovich Semenishchev, Saratov region.

Suffered from insomnia, and now replaces my pictures sleeping pills. She does not understand how it happens, but if you look at it at least 5 minutes, starting sleepy. And when I wake up, inside is so easy and good that the words convey difficult. This photo - a real miracle.
Olga Vannikova, Moscow.

After the accident was severe hand injury at the elbow. The bone healed wrong, and formed cartilage, due to which the hand is often numb and hurt. Put a photo on the night of the source. You will not believe, but this morning the cartilage was gone! I've even taken aback, the whole arm felt: he seem to fit, but now it is gone. May God give you good luck in your studies and good health.
Ruzhenov Vladimir Alexandrovich, Perm.

I applied the image source Galechey mountains. The result is huge. No longer worried about the pai in the joints of the legs, vision gets better, now I can read without glasses. Thank you very much for your friendly team.
Nadezhda Veshnikova, Yakshanga, Kostroma region.

My Mum is 74 years. A year ago, she received treatment in a sanatorium (severe pai shoulder). Treated with massages and mud baths, tried to relieve the pai instruments themselves rubbed various tinctures, but all to no avail. When put on a sore shoulder, photo source Galechey mountains, it immediately stuck. My mother stayed with him 2 hours, no longer able: it was very hot. A few of these procedures pai was gone. I still do not cease to be surprised, since the earliest just not treated, and here is a miracle! Thank you for your work.
Oksana Bulykina, Minsk.

I suffer from asthma, drinking water, "real" in the image source Galechey mountains. After a month of receiving dyspnea disappeared, and when I started to wash a water began to disappear from the face of acne. But, most surprisingly, there was a persistent aversion to cigarettes. And I smoke more than 40 years. I feel that with the help and completely give up the habit without any pills, and hypnosis. Thanks for your great work you are doing for people.
Valery Sirga, Brest.

Of course, not everyone is able to believe in the healing properties of photos, because for many people - it's just paper. Paper, but not quite. For any photo used silver and glycerin base. And these components have properties to "remember" any information that there is light. Therefore, the source picture contains not only his image but also the memory of its unusual properties and can help your body. I realize none of this picture is no substitute for a sip of living water. But in the world there are thousands of people who in their weakness, or financial situation can not go to places where they beat those healing springs. So let the springs do come to their house!

We learn, how to use the photos of the healing springs.

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