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Eugene Dashkevich worked for many years in school. Was fizruka. The voice was so strong that even at sporting events he did not need a mouthpiece. Could drink ice water with no ill effects. So it was for the time being. The voice began to disappear more and more often. Doctors diagnosed with acute laryngitis and strep throat all the time warned that the bank's voice, talking as little as possible. He became a regular visitor to clinics and hospitals. Saved his case: met a man who is convinced in a very effective treatment, "live" and "dead" water. He gave Eugene a bottle of water and the other one showed the device for its production, which has made himself. And the data on his device he took from "inventor." The design is very simple. For myself, Eugene such a device also made himself. With the help gets it "live" and "dead" water, ie alkaline and acid.

Instructions on how to use water for any illness and how to rotate at different illnesses, Eugene also took with him. God forbid this man's health! The voice has fully recovered, sore throat has passed. Not to put into words how Eugene was pleased. At the beginning of treatment, he followed the instructions on the use of "live" and "dead" water, and now enjoys the water at its discretion. Rinse the throat of a "dead" water (which kills bacteria) and 30-40 minutes before drinking 0.5 cups of "living" water.

He talks freely. To the doctors are not drawn.

We expand device apparatus.

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