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Natalie Tyszkiewicz said that in the forests of Osipovichi district, Mogilev region, 4 km from the village Kokhanivka is a wonderful church, "Life-giving Spring" in honor of the Mother of God. He rebuilt again in 1992 on the site burned down during the war Proschinskoy Church of the XIX century. Once it hit the key. But the temple was destroyed, and the water of life has gone deep into the earth. And in the 90s of last century, once again gushed.

Water of Proschinskoy church has always been considered curative. "Simply" - the mysterious word, and the like "ask" and to "forgive." In ancient times this name was called and the sources of all places, near to which a sincere prayer to God, it was possible to get help and healing. The first miracle that brought us human memory, there was a daughter of one patient with a gentleman. None of her doctors and the drug did not help. The father asked for help from the monks, they and the child was advised to Popo water from the forest thickets. And the girl recovered. In one case, with the help of blind travelers saw the light source.

As there are no easy and simple way to God, and was not an easy road to life-giving source. From Osipovich to get in the thicket, it is necessary to pass the "road of Christ." So the locals call the road at thirty-three rotation.

Shrine grows before his eyes suddenly. Trees make way, and appears as a small church of white brick and Life-giving source of the Mother of God. Place an amazing, peaceful and quiet, secluded, hidden from the world.

Services in this temple are only three or four times a year. One of them - always May 4, the Feast of Our Lady, "Life-giving Spring." On the feast day of the priests come not only from Mogilev, but also from other dioceses.

Near the church was perched a small chapel inside a well of water. And seen as pulses, "living" water. Here - a table with candles, icons, candlesticks, prayers, buckets, cups, watering can. This source - the blessing and help of God, Mother of all the suffering and afflicted. That's why people here have their troubles, come to be healed from illness.

Awarded to heal those who live by faith in God and the power of prayer, who sincerely wants to change your life, repent, be healed. But sometimes the Lord is his miracles, and without any faith in him once again to convince us of the possibility of the impossible.

Knowledgeable people suggested that drinking water should be carefully listened to her, to her body. The body, which was the first "will respond" to the water, and most in need. Vodicka will automatically find the sore spot and she will heal him. Well, not only to drink three times, and prayed, pour running water from head to toe.

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