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Sebastian Kneipp is a Bavarian priest, but his name enjoys a worldwide reputation due to compose "My water cure," which was published in 1886. This edition was translated into all European languages. At home in Germany Kneipp was published 60 editions of this book for life! Neither the publication of popular medicine and health has not received such wide circulation.

All methods of hydrotherapy, Kneipp proposed - is the generalized methods of hydrotherapy, which he used in his 35-year practice of treatment. All you can apply them at home, they are accessible to everyone.

We did not reflect on the fact that when we drink water, have already engaged in water treatment, which includes and baths, compresses, wash, douches, wraps, etc. Kneipp believed the most important properties of water solution, the removal and consolidation.

The first task (dissolution) is performed thermal bath with herbs, salt and other all kinds of steam procedure, the second (delete) - wraps, douche, compresses, third (strengthening) - cold baths, douches and washing. By the way, the main cause of illness of his contemporaries Kneipp believed their lack of staying power, and argued that the best water - the coldest in the winter, you can use for pouring and snow).

Proper water treatment is never any harm. Those who start treatment with water, as well as a weak, very young or very old, nervous, those who are afraid of cold, Kneipp advised to start treatment with warm water, but gradually move to the cold. After the aqueous procedure, it is recommended not to wipe the body (except head and hands), and quickly put on dry clothes, to close the wet body from the air. The internal heat will evaporate the remaining water, between the body and the clothing is produced warm air, which protects from the cold.

Care must be rules for water treatment.

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