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Interesting facts about water

Hydrotherapy primarily affects the nervous system.

Cold baths slow heart rate, increased blood pressure, warm - speeds up heart rate and lower blood pressure.

The impact of water treatment depends on water temperature, duration of treatment, the general condition of man, as well as the body's addiction to water. Hydrotherapy is conducted 6-7 days, sometimes - 2-3 weeks.

With the proper conduct of hydrotherapy enhances the function of all organs and improves metabolism.

In the modern practice of hydrotherapy water at a temperature of 10-20 degrees is considered cold, 20-30 degrees - cool, 30-35 degrees - indifferent, 35-38 degrees - warm, 38-42 degrees - hot.

Warm water when exposed for one to two minutes in the beginning has a stimulating effect, and then - calm.

Cold water has a strong stimulating effect, so the procedure with the use of cold water is not recommended for the night.

Shelf life of water - 100 years old.

You can drink the water taken from any body of water that interacts with flint 3 days.

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