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Tips for insomnia

- Wrap your feet soaked in cold water, thin towels, which are worn on top of warm socks. You can then go into a warm bed, an hour later to remove (you can sleep with the wrap).

- Wrap the feet before going to bed with towels soaked in a refrigerated infusion motley collection. Wrapping is performed by the classical scheme - with oilcloth and warm blankets. After 15 minutes everything is removed. This procedure not only helps normalize sleep, but also has beneficial effects on the veins. Herbal infusion made from 1 tsp herbs for 1 tablespoon of boiling water, 10 min.

- Complete cold baths do 1 or 2 times in the evening, but no more than three times a week. Take a bath for 6-7 seconds, and then, without drying, wrap in a towel or a bathrobe and lie in a warm bed.

- Before going to bed, soak the abdomen and upper legs to the knees. If the dream is still there, repeat the procedure, as applied to the feet warm heating pad.

- Take a linen handkerchief, rolled it into a bandage, dipped in the middle of the cold water and twisting. Need to tie his left foot at the ankle. In this part should cover the wet stone. Wrapped with a bandage dry cloth and go to bed.

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