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Valentine Soldatenkova told a story that happened to her long ago, when it still worked. And now she has over 70...

A neighbor offered to take a trip to the village where her parents live, for the strawberries. She said that they have there is a mound sometime in his career, but on this very hill full of strawberries. And here we have gathered five women hit the road. Where is approached, where the foot went. Hill, as it turns out, really noble - and herbs in it all is full of healing, and strawberries, too.

Along the way we came across a spring. A neighbor said that he - treatment. Previously, beside him stood a chapel, people came to him a lot - from the most distant places sought to drain the water of healing. And then the chapel collapsed, and about the spring was forgotten.

When we went to pick berries, it was still pretty early, we did not want to drink, and we did not stay at the source. But when I came back with a bucket full of strawberries, we decided to stop at a spring. They found a local woman who advised me to drink, praying, healing water from the spring.

At that time I worked on otsinkovschitsey Orel Steel-Rolling Plant. The production, you know, harmful zinc, acid. And from the acid in my legs formed red stripes. They itched. Even though I wash clothing regularly, and enjoyed the ointment that was prescribed doctors, but these bands did not disappear. I thought then that it would be necessary to treat my feet with spring water. However, at that time, to my shame, did not know any prayers ... But it still went to the spring, crossed herself three times and asked God: "Lord, help me get rid of this scourge!" Made three sips, and then obmyla three times each leg. Subsequently, I did not even notice when the band disappeared. Although she worked in the same workplace and in the same harmful conditions for a long time, but the skin on your feet clean. That's such an amazing event. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the village, where we went then for strawberries.

No less amazing story at Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula region made indelible impression on me. My cousin was resting there and asked me to come to her for the weekend with her son enjoy the local beauty and sources, of which there were very many. What we have done. We arrived and went to the springs that are located from one another at a short distance. There was a lot of the people. We came to one of the springs and the water in it - a surprisingly clean and bright. And suddenly I notice a spring in the corner two faces - one above the other - below. Showing them to his companions: they say, from a spring icon "look." For some reason they do not see them and I do not believe people think that I was imagining it all. But there were still people, and two old men, as I clearly saw the faces in the spring water.

Somewhere took the lizard, vzmutila water. But the "mirror" it quickly recovered, and again I saw two icons, and my family and they have not noticed... How much will I then have a variety of people may ask, why? - The answer to the question is not received. And we would like.

Miracle Water 2012