Living Water
Healing Springs
Interesting facts
How to use the photos of the healing springs

Medical images of the springs can be used as applicators (applying to the body), and as activators for "charging" of water. If you decide to use a picture as the applicator, then simply attach it to the sore area.

Often, pictures do not even have to mount on the body, as the "feeling" sick body, it is itself sticks to it like a magnet. Treatment time can be determined independently and arbitrarily, but be careful and accurate. For very long picture wearing (more than 12 hours), the image can be damaged (body releases toxic sweat, which corrodes the image). Therefore, it is best to wrap the count in a thin cellophane.

Use the same photo to multiple people is not recommended. Such an "applicator" should be individualized, like a toothbrush. But the use of healing water, obtained by the image, can the whole family. For this water to the glass container on the outside to attach photos of the source image to the window (to fix photos with adhesive tape, adhesive tape, adhesive tape). Next, pour water into the container. Desirable - clean the filter, to defend, can be melted or "silvered", from a well or spring, but not taken directly from the tap. After 12 hours the water can be used. Repeated tests have shown that it is through this period of time, plain water is transformed into healing not only in structure but also on the biological properties of water from those sources, the picture that you use to activate.

For successful treatment of such water you should drink at least 250-300 ml per day. Also, you can wash it and add to food.

To activate the water can simultaneously use multiple images of different sources. In this case the water gets all these springs, which greatly increases its healing properties.

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