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Nicholas Spring (Samara region, Belovka)
In the Samara region, near the village of Belovka a miracle source. The mystery of its origin is unknown villagers so far. According to local residents from the water it can get rid of any disease, like body and soul. Near the source of the chapel and put the pool, and the spring was named in honor of St. Nicholas Nicholas. Here long queues for water. The water temperature in the pool is constant: in the winter and in summer it is 4 degrees.

Achairsky Monastery Spring (Omsk region, Achair)
Thank miraculous properties of water Achairskogo monastery, the healing of various ailments, and even heavy, long ago spread throughout Russia. In 1996, there has hammered the healing mineral springs. The most important source of wonder - the temperature of its waters is the human body temperature, remaining unchanged even in the most severe frosts. Treats gastrointestinal tract and liver. There is evidence that this water is treated diabetes.

Murom Spring (Vladimir Region, Murom)
Located right on the banks of the Oka, where the towering ruins of the ancient Holy Trinity Church. According to legend it was built, where Ilya of Murom, miraculously healed from his thirty years of illness, purified from the Oka sunken logs and built a wooden church from them. Near the temple is the source. According to legend, he appeared to strike against the ground horse hooves heroic epic hero, carrying a Illya to Kiev in the army of Prince Vladimir. This water is taken to wash and drink it. It gives strength to the body.

Irinarkh Spring (Yaroslavl region, Kondakovo)
In the ancient cities of Rostov and Uglich Great stretches Borisoglebskaya land. Should this ancient monastery, which once paid three visits to Tsar Ivan the Terrible. According to legend, the hero of the Battle of Kulikov Relight monk was the Monastery of Sts and epic heroes Svyatogor and Alyosha Popovich - natives of the land. Here, not far from the Borisoglebsk, Kondakova is the village - the birthplace of St. Irinarkh. In the vicinity of the village is a sacred source, open themselves Irinarkh and swimming pool, which enjoys an excellent reputation font, the healing of their ailments. Many centuries to the healing spring many pilgrims come.

Nicholas Spring (Samara region, Znamenka)
Two kilometers from the ancient Russian village Znamenka, on the outskirts of the forest, flowing spring. This is a wonderful source - one of the most famous places in the Samara region. To it attracts hundreds of people. The path to the spring is on a steep slope, where many trees. Spring flows from the roots, forming a small stream, a waterfall. On the source witnessed numerous cases of healing of various diseases.

St. Nicholas Spring (Arkhangelsk region, Sure)
There are four kilometers from the village of Sur area Pinezhsky healing spring. The people called St. Nicholas. A lot of people from the neighborhood and surrounding areas tend to this wondrous spring. There are many cases when the water is helping those who suffer: his eyes began to see his feet - walking, aches disappeared. First source of tech in the form of a small brook. Who here did the font, and now everyone can dive, experience the power of living water.

Nicholas Spring (Lipetsk region, Dubovoye)
Ranninburg (Chaplygin) - an ancient city in the Lipetsk region, was founded Menshikov, associate of Peter the Great. In the vicinity of this small town hit two miracle-working power - Nicholas and Tikhvin. On a spring in the village of Oak go to these legends. Despite the fact that it was discovered relatively recently, the fame of his incredible strength quickly spread through almost all parts of the Chernozem. Rise above the source of a small chapel, several dressing rooms. Fonts do not, so you have to type in a bucket of water and then pour. People say that this water helps even the most neglected diseases. Those who suffer from diseases of the joints were healed as well as those who came with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Ranninburgskoe miracle set up and cancer patients.
After a few sips of water ranninburgskoy, I suddenly felt like my body is filled with extraordinary ease and power.
Miracle of miracles: the territory of the fontanelle hobbled old woman after pouring all of a sudden the car went to "their" down, completely forgetting about the stick on which it rested before that, and coming to his senses, he suddenly began to cry...

It turns out that medicinal properties have not only the springs, but also photographs of live springs.

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