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Teresa Josephovna Belousov only as a ray of sun, not name - root grodnenka in love with their city and native prinemansky edge, it charges all around a good, positive energy and light, next to it there is no place to depression and boredom. In Grodno and its environs, many known and respected Teresa Josephovna, including a winner of the opening of abandoned wells, which was held in Grodno region. It was she who pointed out five mineral springs, two in the village Krinichnaya and three - in Privalko that in the Grodno region. The following is a conversation with Teresa Svetlana Parfenova Belousova.

- Teresa, where did you learn about the springs?

- They - the golden memories of my childhood. I grew up on spring water. My paternal grandmother was a healer, lived in Privalko, and after marriage moved to the neighboring village Krinichnaya. With the help of water and prayers she healed people of many diseases. Most often treated those who had problems with eyesight. And not just the locals - came to her, even from Poland and Germany. And this knowledge passed down from generation to generation. My mother was a child told me this amazing story. When my father brought his young wife (my mother) to the parents (by the way, she also was not quite of the ordinary family - a very well-known herbs, treated by them), my grandmother met her at the threshold with a mug of icy spring water. Sprinkled and says: "And now, my daughter, Razuvaev, I will lead you to the spring." When they came back, my grandmother read a special prayer that is always pronounced before water collection, and gave his mother consecrated sprig of willow, saying: "I give you my gift." Since my mother was the keeper of this prayer and expertise. Treated people, not only water but also herbs.

- And what is this special knowledge?

- For example, is only the healing spring water, which did not get the sun's rays, ie gathered before dawn. It is this water treated my mother and said that it can cure all, but only with faith in God. And the water that gained the day, we have used for washing, drinking, cooking. Need to store water only in metal or glass container. Touching the "chemistry" (the same plastic bottles), it loses its medicinal properties.

- Teresa, but was there any particularly amazing case of healing?

- I'll tell you a story that is well remembered by our family. During the war, having heard that my grandmother and mother treat people who have led the Germans, who had singed his eyes. And they said, "If you do not help him, burn the whole village." My mother made a poultice on the German's eyes of the herbs infused spring water. For a week he recovered his sight. After the war, Hans (the so-called German), in gratitude sent our family a sewing machine "Singer."

- You have created an action team to revive the healing springs in Privalko and Krinichnaya. How do you see their future?

- I was always wondering how any of these springs. Why is our prinemanskaya land so rich? It turns out Privalka Krinichnaya and are in the Neman basin. This is the lowest place in Belarus - only 80 meters above sea level. Legend has it that in ancient times this place was a beautiful city, but for some sins was cursed and fell to the ground. These places of extraordinary beauty is popularly known as "Rye city." Surprisingly, a village on the old maps is marked as Privalka Provalka! And from the north, already on the territory of Lithuania, a town adjacent to these places Shlyandubre, ie Holy Dubrava. A friend of a forester Privalko Kolendo Eugene told me that in the late 80s in the area, Riverlands Grandichi-Privalka conceived to create a health-resort area and searched for underground mineral water. I looked up local archive documents. It turned out that when drilled 26 deep wells. In 21 of them found a type of mineral water Borjomi and Yessentuki suitable for use for medicinal purposes. But "my" springs just are in the area. And by the way, the water from the springs, too, with bubbles. But with the beginning of perestroika mineral wells shut down, and now no one uses them.

At the present time by my request the Council of Ministers resolved to map open in the Belarusian springs and Privalko Krinichnaya.

I think I had the great fortune to pursue the case. My dream - to revive the healing springs and beautiful place - "Paradise City," to leave our children a good water.

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