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The most simple and natural means of tempering is a walking barefoot:
- On the wet grass (moistened with dew, rain, watered with water). Time "walk" - from 15 to 45 minutes;
- On wet rocks (they are watered from a watering can or a jug band, and if the stones dry quickly, pouring, repeat). If this method of hardening is used for therapeutic purposes, the procedure lasts for 3-15 min., Healthy people can "walk" on the wet stones 30 minutes. Those who are cold feet (Raynaud's disease) who are exposed to diseases of the throat, Qatar, is suffering from hot flashes and blood to the head thereof - from headaches, it is recommended to water for irrigation of stones to add a little vinegar;
- For fresh snow (this method is not suitable for solid frozen snow, it should not be used with a strong cold wind), duration of procedure - 3-4 minutes;
- Water (strengthens the entire body, a beneficial effect on the kidneys and promotes the release of urine, breath easier and relieves headaches.) Water tempering "walk" can be performed in a conventional bath. First leg is immersed in cold water to the ankles, then - to the calves, but it is better if the water reaches his knees. The initial duration of treatment - 1 minute, gradually bring it up to 5-6 minutes. In winter, you can add water to the snow. Those who have poor health, it is best to start with a little warm water.

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