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Leonid Ivanin one day decided to make a device for the preparation of silver water, the type of activator, a "live" and "dead" water. Any man who more or less owns a soldering iron and the starting materials, can make such a device. Call it ionatorom (enriches the water with silver ions).

Parts for it is easy to find at radio, or in specialized departments of department stores.

Silver. Leonid cast two-section electrode 6x2 mm and a length of 40 mm from the minting of silver coins in 1920.

Diode D-226 (D-7g, D-7D, A-296, etc.) in the 220-300 and 300 mA.

The resistance of R = 12-15 ohms, 3-5 Tues

Fee of one-sided PCB foil 40x30 mm.

Body cylindrical (plastic jar under medication with a diameter of 30 mm, height 60 mm).

Method of application. In a glass of water (200 mL) until the lower electrodes of the body, to include 220 V, 1.5-2 minutes and hold off. The water for this time manages to get rich with silver ions and acquires curative properties.

Over time, the silver is oxidized and darkened electrodes. They should not be cleaned. This oxide of silver. In Leonid device is more than 5 years.

With the help of water ionatora he prepares a special recipe. First week in the three-liter jar insists pebbles of flint. And then turn on their device. In order not to keep it in your hands, cut a hole in the plastic cover for the electrodes. This covers the jar lid ionatorom and ionizes the water for 5 minutes in silver.

Such water kills bacteria, fungi. Several gargling in angina and nose with a cold - and the disease goes away. Leonid experienced themselves and their loved ones. After shampooing rinse your hair with this water. Dandruff and itching disappeared after the third procedure. In the morning on an empty stomach they are in your family drink a glass of water.

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