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How to charge water

The charged water is actively absorbed by the body, with only a perceived positive creative energy and information built into it.

Recharge water can the patient. There are 2 ways.

Passive mode. A vessel of water before going to bed put at the head of the patient. During sleep, the water records information about the existing conditions and those that are generated. Acceptance of such water acts like a homeopathic remedy: soft and harmonizes the body dramatically, his body healthy at the cellular level. For a complete rehabilitation is necessary to drink this water regularly and for a long time, 3-4 sips morning on an empty stomach.

Active mode. Impact on the water with his hands, mentally concentrating at the same time. Charging is carried out with 5 minutes of hands: the left hand is placed under the vessel, the right - over the vessel, then through the imaginary transmit energy from the rays of his right hand to the left.

And Yuri Longo advised to charge the water to their individual field and bioinformation so. Take a glass, half filled with melt water, put it in the palm of his left hand and right hand with your fingertips to drive on the edge of the cup clockwise for 2-3 minutes. According to Longo, the water can be coded for any installation, "a healthier body," "lose weight", "to buy such and such traits of character," etc. In the evening it is recommended to put the water on the windowsill to recharge the energy of the cosmos, and in the morning to drink it on an empty stomach for 2-3 sips. And if you meet these conditions within a month, the disease gradually go away, and desires will be fulfilled. Полезен и секс.

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