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Bath with Jerusalem artichoke

There was a time when Larisa Aghbalyan crying from the pain in the joints until they have read in some newspaper recipe for healing baths, took advantage of and get rid of this scourge. A "major players" in them - the Jerusalem artichoke. Prepared the fall of its (above-ground part and tubers). Leaves and stems are dried.

To fill the bath should be taken 400 g dry weight, add 3-5 chopped tubers, pour all the warm tap water, simmer 40 minutes. Better to take an aluminum pan, but not enamel, as it is dark. Once turned off the gas, the broth should be another 20-30 minutes to infuse.

Meanwhile, type in a bath of water (it should not be hot), through a colander or cheesecloth back the contents of the drain pan. Finish: You can "dive". Procedures to carry out daily for 20-30 minutes for 20 days (for people with heart disease is better - every other day), preferably at bedtime.

The effect is felt within a few days. In the spring and summer must lean on artichoke salad with carrots and various greens beds, filled with vegetable oil.

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