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"Baby" of Porfiry Ivanov

A system of healing Porfiry Ivanov, "Baby" heard by many. Every person - child of nature (hence the name of - "Baby"), and it must exist in harmony. At the heart of "Kids" is based on trust and love for people and nature.

For this system to two times a day to bathe in cold water. Hot bathing must end with cold.

In Russia, has long been healed, and quenched with ice water. Studies have shown that in a short time the body has no time to hypothermia, and the nervous system starts to work, zakalivaya body.

Fast and powerful, "dose" of cold increases metabolism, and this leads to an increase in heat production. Therefore, the body after dousing does not freeze, and warming up. After pouring cold water on it does not need to rub. If, however, the body is cold, it is better to run or do exercises.

Cold stimulates the endocrine glands, which helps mobilize the body's defenses. Therefore, you can pour in any state, even weakened, and even during his illness.

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