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Body healthy natural methods, we draw strength from the life itself of Mother Nature. Water - one of its elements. Since time immemorial, people knew about the great role of water in maintaining health and treating disease. And confirmation of this belief are the words of the Bible: "Go and bathe in the Jordan, and your body will heal, and you are clean."

Even the "fathers of medicine" (Hippocrates, Avicenna, an ancient Greek physician Galen and naturalist, etc.) are widely used in the practice of water treatment procedures. The priest Sebastian Kneipp from Bavaria in the Middle Ages spent on water treatment 35 years of life. He was able to more fully describe how the water affects the human body. S. Kneipp stated that the water cures all disease, because the water used in the treatment aims to remove the root of the disease.

Aquatherapy includes all kinds of procedures: various types of baths, showers, washing the skin, rinse the mouth, stomach and intestinal lavage, irrigation, packing, wiping, wrapping, pouring, lotions, irrigation, etc.

It's amazing how it's simple, accessible and efficient you can restore failing health with the help of the most common and the most amazing "drugs" - plain water.

Next, learn about the Sebastian Kneipp hydrotherapy.

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