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Living Water
Living Water

The water is the perfect remedy that can help a person recover from a variety of ailments. There are sources, which are going to cure the heart, liver, joints and other organs to improve overall health. Our "guide" - Edward A. Vityuk - a scientist, a member of the All-Russian professional medical associations of traditional medicine and the European League of psychologists, counselor of the Russian Research Center of Traditional Medicine J. H. Halperin (Moscow). Lives and works Eduard in Lipetsk, where he heads his own research center of natural medicine.

In July 2002 the expedition was sent to biologists in the next campaign for the herbs in the Park Hill Galechya that Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region. Flora and fauna are preserved its original appearance since primordial times. Was moving ice rounded the mountain, and by destroying all around, left untouched by this place.

During the cruise, one of the members of severely injured leg. The knee was swollen, so that there could be no question of further progress. Any attempt to move his leg was accompanied by sharp pain. Do nothing, the expedition had to turn off.

After some discussion, decided to spend the night around the campfire, and in the morning to return home. While develop, build a fire, came a tall old man with two huge cans.

Night guest Zahar Matveyevich.

Noticing injured Andrew, he suddenly roused himself:
- Oh, yes you have it, folks, just sickly!

The old man with skill set to "cast" of the swollen leg. Broke into two parts, linen towel, which proved to have some of the members of the expedition, one of them soaked with water from a flask and built at the foot of the victim sort of compress, assuring that the morning he will be "fish, like a young deer".

All then shook his head, while others just laughed. However, all morning waiting for a miracle thing, from the extensive bruising on his leg Andrew was gone!

Nobody laughed. And when they learned that the old man, in fact, directed to the healing spring, vied with each other to ask to take them with you. As they walked to the coveted spot Matveich source told the story:
- It is also my grandfather found it. Notable was a gamekeeper. Noticed that the animal or sickly podranenny goes to a secret place.

And then comes alive and well and running faster. Soon, the grandfather specifically podranil boar and the dog went on his trail. So this spring he opened the miraculous. Since then, his grandfather stopped to hunt - began to heal.

Previously, it beloved water throughout the year was finished the story Matveich. And now the miracle of the land only twice a year for the light show.

More than an hour we went to the grandparents place. Finally here it is! Beauty, indeed, original. And fontanelle, like ribbon crystal, runs, rushing, poured the pebbles. A trace of animal around and really just do not have any!

Icy water, and delicious - can not come off! While driving cheekbones, and I want to drink it and drink. Then this extraordinary lightness of the whole body appeared, seemed to soar into the sky can be!

This story long haunted. There was a mass-read publications related to water, scientific papers and reports.

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