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Living and dead water

In the old days, special attention was paid to water intended for the child (food, drink, bathing, etc.). Water was always "sleep" in the house.

Through the water while bathing the child, "implanted" into the society in which he will live: the font was placed a copper coin, to be strong and healthy, a few grains to continue their family line, etc.

After bathing, the water poured into the child only in the light of the day. Wash, wash or otherwise use the "live" water is also not allowed, otherwise it could adversely affect the health of the child.

Use the water, which was in the house at the time of death of a man is strictly prohibited. Such water is called "dead", always poured, and the capacity in which it was (buckets, troughs, iron pots, etc.), overturned.

"Dead" is also called the water that washed the dead man - "washed away the traces" of his sojourn on earth, and thus prepared for life in another world. Use of such water is strictly forbidden: it is poured into a dull, lonely place, so as not to harm people and pets.

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