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Dear friends! You can see the photos of famous not only in Belarus but also far beyond the miraculous power of the chapel, near the Great Martyr Paraskeva in the village Polykovichi near Mogilev. On the feast of the Baptism of the source receives thousands of people wanting to get water from it and plunge into the baptismal font. But Mogilev Vladimir Kapyshev dropped in here with my friends every day for a year and a half!

- Early in the morning, after sleeping on the Krinitsa went to dive into the water. Her temperature is constant in all seasons - plus a 6-7 degrees. Feelings are unspeakable! - Shared his impressions of Vladimir. - After these procedures, feel the rush of water spirits, lifting forces, the health and mood, and eventually feel better overall health. For all the time that we "swim" in Krynica, neither I nor my friends have never suffered from colds. But, to achieve health effect, of course, need to "attend" regular font.

Vladimir said that in the winter plunge into the water as in fresh milk. This is because the water temperature above the temperature of the air. When you exit the font of the body fells pairs (again, due to temperature difference). In the summer the opposite: the first "step" from the heat in the cold, and then from the cold - in the heat. And it is these contrasts give all those wonderful feelings and emotions, as a beneficial impact on health.

Rector St. Paraskeva's father, Alexander the Great and the warden Alexander Belousov know many examples when the water Polykovichskoy Krynitsa, as it is called the source of Mogilev, helped to heal a variety of ailments.

You will also learn about the many other sources of healing, how to use the water for the benefit of his health, to turn plain water into the treatment and overcome the disease.

We will give you not only interesting information, but also practical advice that you can use in everyday life and help yourself and loved ones.

Thank you!

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